“Affordable” Speed Bumps Are Costly

Brookhave 08-16The city of Brookhaven, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, is riddled with speed bumps. Drivers frequently use the quiet residential streets to bypass congested Atlanta thoroughfares. Residents, fed-up with the heavy cut-through traffic, are seeking additional traffic-calming solutions from the city. On the table are more speed bumps and road closures. People often point to speed bumps as an affordable solution to a serious problem.

But the facts don’t support that premise.

In Brookhaven, when a significant number of residents petition for speed bumps, the city may begin traffic studies to determine the necessity of the measures.These studies can cost thousands of dollars. The installation of a single speed bump costs about $3,500. And, residents must pay $25 a year to cover maintenance and installation costs. For significantly less than the cost of a traffic study and the installation and maintenance of a speed bump, a community could purchase a radar speed sign from Radarsign. These driver feedback signs are scientifically proven to be effective at slowing speeding drivers.

Because the signs do not alter the roadway, a traffic study is unnecessary. The signs can be installed immediately, and, unlike speed humps, they are well received by the community.

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Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing