About Cirrus Systems’ Cancellation of Support for SIMA-Connected Hardware

Last week, Cirrus Systems customers—those that purchased remote access beacon products through Spot Devices and Carmanah Technologies Corporation—were notified by letter that, effective June 30, 2014, connectivity to SIMATM software services will be discontinued, and no further subscriptions will be offered.

In the letter Cirrus Systems stated that “…no one is offering support or maintenance plans for deployed SIMA connected hardware.”  This, however, is not completely accurate.  

Radarsign Provides Support for SIMA Connected Hardware

Radarsign has been working with Spot Devices since 2011 and—more specifically—with the SIMA connected Spot Devices hardware.  Starting May 2014—Radarsign™ will be offering you the opportunity to continue using SPOT Devices hardware via our own remote management system called EZ Comm. Radarsign will be able to provide you continued service to school zone flashing beacon systems without having to replace your hardware.  The only change required will be to replace your current cellular modem with a newer modem and interface board designed to operate with Radarsign’s EZ Comm remote management service.

This is good news for Cirrus Systems’ (and SPOT Devices) customers who want to protect the beacon hardware investment they have already made. The EZ Comm System will provide initial functionality for:

  • Remote management of schedules and calendar pre-programming
  • Activation report showing active or inactive status of each device
  • Daily notification of devices that fail to connect with network
  • Low battery notifications

If you also use Radarsign brand driver feedback signs with your SPOT Devices flashing beacons, EZ Comm will provide a nightly download of traffic statistics that can be used with our chart and graphing application, Streetsmart.

All of this from one of the transportation industry’s most trusted and established names in traffic calming. February marked Radarsign’s 10-year anniversary—a corporate milestone reflecting our long-term commitment to serving the transportation and traffic-calming industry.

Questions? Please call us at 678-520-5152 or 678-965-4814. We look forward to working with you and making your transition from SIMA to EZ Comm as quick and painless as possible.

Charlie Robeson
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Radarsign™