Mounting Hardware Options

Mounting Hardware Options Available for Radar Speed Sign Models

Radarsign offers a variety of mounting hardware options depending on the radar speed sign size and the type of pole it is to be mounted on.

Hardware Mounting Options- Radarsign Astro-bracket mounting kit

Astro Bracket Mounting Set

(For use with the TC-500, TC-600,TC-1000)

For use in mounting radar speed sign on large diameter and over-sized poles (6″-17″ OD)

Hardware Mounting Options-  Locking Pole Mount Bracket Locking Pole Mount Bracket Set

(For use with the TC-500 only)

The locking pole mount bracket set was specifically designed to secure the TC-500 radar speed sign easily and safely to multiple pole or post locations.

There are two pieces to the bracket, a pole mount component and sign mount component. The back pole mount bracket attaches permanently to each pole/post location. The heavy-duty stainless steel bracket can be mounted to a pole or post using a pipe clamp (included with the sign purchase), a U-bolt or a carriage bolt. The front bracket attaches permanently to the radar speed sign.

The sign can then be moved to multiple pole locations that have a back pole mount bracket installed. A lock and two keys are included with the battery powered sign.

Mounting Hardware Options - Unistrut Mounting bracket

Unistrut Stainless Steel Bracket Mounting Set

(For use with the TC-500, TC-600, TC-1000)

For use in mounting radar speed sign on a round supported pole in the following sizes: 2 ½” OD, 3″ OD, 3½”, 4″ OD, 4½” OD, 6″ OD, 8 OD”

Hardware Mounting Options- Radarsign Flat Bracket Mounting Set

Stainless Steel Flat Bracket Mounting Set

(For use with the TC-500, TC-600, TC-1000)

For use in mounting radar sign on pole/ post with pre-drilled holes or pole/post that can be drilled. Allows for adjustment of radar sign to alignment of holes the on the pole/post.


Hardware Mounting Options- Radarsign TC-400-GoBracket

GoBracket Mounting Set

(For use with the TC-400 only)

The universal design of the stainless steel GoBracket allows the TC-400 to be strapped, banded, pipe clamped, or bolted to almost any size or style of pole. The GoBracket allows a single person to easily mount the TC-400 radar speed sign in about a minute.