Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today. Here is what our customers have to say about us.

We’d bought a solar panel-type sign from another vendor and never did get it to work right. It was more expensive than the TC-400, as well.

I’ve looked at what other areas in our region are using, and I like the way the Radarsign brand signs are set up. The batteries are easy to charge, easy to replace. The signs themselves are easy to set up and place on the pole, and easy to move.

Radarsign is a high-end product which fits in with our upscale community.

The sign is making a difference, and drivers are slowing down. Residents like the sign and want it to be a permanent fixture on their street.

It is working great. There has been a really good response. The townspeople are impressed. It is very easy to move. We absolutely love it. We leave the brackets up so that we can easily move it from one place to another.

People love these signs here. I’ve had several police departments and other school districts call me to see where I got them. They like having the signs that ‘screams at speeders’.

Our story is probably like a lot of other schools: We had the standard two blinking school zone lights, and people just got so used to seeing them that they ignored them

We added some speed bumps, but some drivers treated them like launching pads. When we installed the feedback signs, they slowed the cars.

We were so happy with the effect of Radarsign speed signs we purchased in the past, that”when the time was right” we purchased two additional Radarsign speed signs.

When we put the signs out there, the pedestrians can see how fast the cars are actually going. It’s a good educational tool for drivers and pedestrians.

They work great and are very effective. It works well for us because it is something the residents can see us doing. It is something they can touch and feel. We can’t always put a car out there.

The Radarsign speed signs help the police department because drivers can now police themselves.

We bought the Radarsign ‘Safety in a Box’ and that was very convenient.

We like the radar sign. People respect it.

It’s a great PR tool. We use it not to create revenue but to work with the public and slow traffic, and it has done its job.

We are very pleased with our signs. We use them in school zones and downtown. We pull data on occasion, doing before-and -after analysis. The results show a significant drop in speed. The Radarsign signs require minimal maintenance without any headache. We put them out and let them do their job.

Some 60,000 people move through the Georgia Tech jurisdiction each day. We chose Radarsign primarily because of the data gathering capabilities of the Streetsmart software. Several other vendors had it available, but required an annual fee. The value of that software functionality over the lifetime of the signs—and not a recurring cost—was a better deal.

Customer service, especially, has been quick and responsive. A lot of vendors make promises during the sales phase, then are hard to reach when you need them. But not Radarsign.

Our law enforcement was seeing that they didn’t need to have as many officers on duty in the school zones once the signs went up. The sheriff was able to pull resources out of the school zones because the citizens were now respecting the speed limits. I’d say that, over all, speeds were cut in half by using the radar signs.