Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today. Here is what our customers have to say about us.

We chose Radarsign because of their excellent reviews and customer service, and our salesperson was very responsive and very thorough.

We added some speed bumps, but some drivers treated them like launching pads. When we installed the feedback signs, they slowed the cars.

We have used two brands of driver speed signs but feel Radarsign speed signs are easier to install and set up than the competitor speed signs.

We looked at quite a few manufacturers. Because they’d be installed on a state highway, we needed to file an application through the South Dakota DOT. When we talked to the DOT, they recommended Radarsign because the driver signs were working well in another town…Ordering was easy, and our signs shipped faster than we were originally quoted, which is always a plus. The DOT already had experience installing Radarsign brand signs, so that process was easy as well.

Our law enforcement was seeing that they didn’t need to have as many officers on duty in the school zones once the signs went up. The sheriff was able to pull resources out of the school zones because the citizens were now respecting the speed limits. I’d say that, over all, speeds were cut in half by using the radar signs.

We really like the Safety in a Box package that Radarsign offers. The instructions were simple and straightforward and the installation was quick and easy. The pre-installed anchor bolts in the Sonotube form made it very buildable.

The signs are very visible to motorists, even on rainy nights.

For the city, it always comes down to price and what you get for the price. Our driver feedback signs are worth the money for the quality. They have great value—what the Radarsign brand puts in the package and their competitors don’t.

We looked for alternatives to our old speed trailer, we liked the Radarsign TC-400 because it could fit in the back seat of the patrol car and be relocated so easily.

The signs definitely slow down the speeders. They 100% work.

As long as we’ve had them, the Radarsign brand signs have been doing great. We have a few from another manufacturer that aren’t nearly as dependable and they’re really calming the traffic down.

The Radarsign speed signs have been very, very effective at increasing speed limit compliance by park visitors and park employees, alike.

Service and support by the Radarsign team, when we’ve needed it, has been excellent.

The signs work with our volume of cars. For example, on the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the park sees about 40,000 to 55,000 cars come and go through the gates.

The TC-400 is a very useful tool. If someone complains about speeders—especially in neighborhoods—we move the sign to that area and collect the data. Then we call the person who voiced the complaint to come in and we go over the data with them. They’re usually surprised to see that the problem isn’t as bad as they thought. In some neighborhoods where it’s already been, the residents are now asking for it to come back.

Our local power company wanted us off the grid as part of the county’s efforts to go green. We realized we could enhance safety and go green by switching from hardwired to solar radar signs.

I am very pleased with the performance of the radar sign. It has helped considerably with the speed control on one of our busiest streets, and I also like the ability to download traffic data off the device.

Within two months of installing the sign, a drunk driver crashed and wiped out the sign. When city workers retrieved it from the side of the highway, we were shocked to find that it wasn’t destroyed. The signs are made fantastically. Some minor repairs needed to be made and it was like new.

We selected Radarsign because it was the most economical, and the TC-400 offered the features we needed. It is much easier to use and transport than a speed trailer.