Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today. Here is what our customers have to say about us.

I am very pleased with the performance of the radar sign. It has helped considerably with the speed control on one of our busiest streets, and I also like the ability to download traffic data off the device.

In one area we were having problems with speeders in a 45 zone going into the school zone of 25 and the other area was part of a safety project where we are upgrading the school zone area.

Parent’s have called thanking us for looking out for their children.

From the first day we installed it near the school zones we noticed lots of brake lights so we know drivers are slowing down.

We have only one patrol officer. People complain about speeders but we can’t keep an officer everywhere. This is like our second police officer.

I run the Streetsmart reports when we move the sign, then discuss the data with Public Safety, Public Transportation and Public Works. When we do find problems in a certain area, we ask the sheriff’s office to step in. We want to make sure we place officers at the right time and location, and not waste their time and efforts.

We really like the Safety in a Box package that Radarsign offers. The instructions were simple and straightforward and the installation was quick and easy. The pre-installed anchor bolts in the Sonotube form made it very buildable.

The signs are very visible to motorists, even on rainy nights.

We want to make sure everyone’s safe. You can put up a regular speed sign—which is OK. But when they’re flashing at you, they’re more effective.

I have noticed a significant difference since the installation of the Radarsign speed signs deterring speeders.

Radarsign’s Street Smart software allows us to download data that gives us insight to how many violators we actually have and where to place the signs to deter speeders.

During pick-up and drop-off times, 20% of the cars were speeding with some going as fast as 35 mph. After installing Radarsign’s driver feedback sign, only 8.5% are speeding, a 57% reduction!

Having the sign visible confirms to the public that we’re concerned about safety and makes drivers aware that we’re paying attention.

We learned about Radarsign, and initially bought one to try as a replacement for the previous manufacturer’s sign whose housing failed. Since that time, we’ve replaced all the signs with Radarsign brand and even purchased some additional units.

We went through a competitive bid and pricing process with three vendors before selecting Radarsign. We were particularly interested in Radarsign’s solar and battery backup capabilities. We got great customer service when I was asking questions—and I asked a ton of questions.

We tried our first signs by Radarsign as tests and liked them so much that we ordered more.

As long as we’ve had them, the Radarsign brand signs have been doing great. We have a few from another manufacturer that aren’t nearly as dependable and they’re really calming the traffic down.

We have noticed a huge difference in slowing drivers’ speed on our production plant site. The Radarsign speed sign is really effective!