Radarsign in the News: Great Bend Tribune Calls Radarsign’s TC-600 “Another cop on duty”

MARIETTA, Ga., May 21, 2020—The City of Great Bend, Kansas recently welcomed the arrival of two solar-powered, TC-600 driver feedback signs from Radarsign because, according Police Chief David Bailey, “officers cannot be everywhere, all the time” and these radar speed signs “serve as an extra officer, 24/7.” Journalist Dale Hogg with the Great Bend Tribune covered the purchase and installation of the first two radar speed signs from Radarsign, the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed sign, and the city’s plans to purchase two more.

Bailey explained that “At some point in your driving career you will exceed the speed limit, and most of us will get a ticket at least once in our lives.” These violations, though, can be prevented. “Posting a radar speed sign at the entrance of the city limits will send a message that speeding will not be tolerated in Great Bend,” Bailey said. “Drivers will slow down, making the city streets safer for everyone.”

Radarsign radar speed signs are scientifically proven to slow speeding drivers by reminding drivers to change their behavior. The success is based on the phenomenon of Feedback Loops, a method of behavioral change that has been studied since the 18th century. The concept is that if we give people feedback about their actions in real time and give them the opportunity to change their actions, they will adopt better behaviors. 

In the article, Bailey shared stats that document the effectiveness of the radar speed signs:

  • Speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a radar sign.
  • Typical speed reductions are 10-20%.
  • Overall compliance with the posted speed limit will go up by 30-60%.
  • Radar speed signs are particularly effective at getting “super speeders” — speeders driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit—to slow down.

Great Bend’s TC-600s include “Street Smart,” Radarsign’s proprietary traffic data-reporting software that “allows the city to report, organize and analyze the traffic data collected from the radar speed sign locations. With the data conversion tool, the information collected by the radar speed sign is loaded into Excel-ready, parsing the information into 35 charts and graphs with just a few mouse clicks.”

To read the entire article, click here https://www.gbtribune.com/news/local-news/another-cop-duty/

About Radarsign® Brand Radar Speed Signs:
In 2004, Atlanta-based Radarsign® established new industry standards for traffic calming solutions with the debut of the world’s first armored driver feedback signs.Radarsign radar speed signs are vandal-, weather- and bullet-resistant. They are also the traffic calming industry’s most durable, most ecological and most energy efficient radar speed signs. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, all Radarsign models are MUTCD-compliant and utilize recycled aluminum, innovative LED reflector technology, minimal battery power and solar panels to deliver bright, easy-to-read feedback to drivers. Radarsign products are scientifically proven to reduce drivers’ speeds and have been entrusted to provide safe and effective traffic calming solutions for: municipalities, treasured national parks, schools, neighborhoods, military bases, and private and public development projects across the U.S., Canada and overseas. www.radarsign.com.