Radarsign in the News: WLOX in Biloxi, Miss. Reports on the City’s Six New Driver Feedback Signs

ALPHARETTA, Ga., August 3, 2016—In Biloxi, Mississippi, WLOX television anchor, Christina Garcia reports on how the city’s six new, portable radar speed signs from Radarsign are helping drivers comply with posted speed limits.

In the story, which aired July 27, 2016, Garcia reveals that “The Biloxi Police Department is hoping to turn around poor driving habits before having to give out tickets. New radar signs…allow drivers to see just how fast they are going…”

An interview with Sgt. Brian Dykes of the City of Biloxi Police department adds important context and highlights a benefit often cited by law enforcement officers when asked about radar speed signs. “We would much rather the public police themselves than us having to get involved. Studies have shown that drivers, when they see those either consciously or unconsciously, they are prompted to do the right thing, which is drive the speed limit”

Since Radarsign was founded in 2004, radar speed signs have become the traffic calming solution of choice for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. This is because, unlike speed humps and other vertical traffic calming devices, radar speed signs are quiet and affordable to install and maintain. Also, they do not interfere with response times of emergency vehicles and their presence does not diminish property values.

Today Radarsign driver feedback signs have been installed in all 50 states, Canada and U.S. military bases overseas.

Read the full story on WLOX and watch the news story here: http://www.wlox.com/story/32547484/biloxi-adds-radar-to-new-speed-limit-signs

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