Radarsign Releases TC-400 Demonstration Video

Video demonstrates the ease of use of the industry’s most rugged and portable battery-powered radar speed sign, which is also MUTCD compliant

ALPHARETTA, Ga., October 18, 2016—At one time, municipalities and law enforcement agencies facing traffic calming problems in multiple locations had only one option when it came to radar speed signs: portable speed trailers. These large, bulky devices—which gained popularity in the 1980s—are cumbersome to transport and set up, and they require an enormous footprint to use. Plus, they are expensive. Today’s modern option—the portable, battery powered TC-400 from Radarsign—is rugged, lightweight and MUTCD compliant. This revolutionary product can now be evaluated remotely by video on YouTube or Radarsign.com.

Radarsign, the manufacturer of the world’s first armored driver feedback signs, developed the TC-400 based on feedback from police officers and city workers who wanted a better portable radar speed sign. They needed a solution that was easier to transport and install and one that offered more efficient and convenient power options. The MUTCD-compliant TC-400 answered all of these needs and more.

The video demonstrates:

  • The construction process for all Radarsign armored radar speed signs
  • The rugged weatherproof, vandal and bullet-resistant design elements
  • The readability of the TC-400 from over 400 feet away
  • Single-person transport and set up, easily fits in the trunk of a car
  • The two-battery pack change out, which avoids down time
  • Use of brackets to create a traffic calming circuit
  • Ease of mounting and dismounting using the Radarsign Go-bracket, without any tools  
  • Wireless, Bluetooth access to operate the sign, change settings and download traffic statistics

To watch the video demonstration of the Radarsign TC-400, click here or paste this URL into your browser window: https://www.radarsign.com/radar-speed-signs/tc-400-portable-radar-speed-sign/.

About Radarsign® Brand Radar Speed Signs:
In 2004, Atlanta-based Radarsign® established new industry standards for traffic calming solutions with the debut of the world’s first armored driver feedback signs.Radarsign radar speed signs are vandal-, weather- and bullet-resistant. They are also the traffic calming industry’s most durable, most ecological and most energy efficient radar speed signs. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, all Radarsign models are MUTCD-compliant and utilize recycled aluminum, innovative LED reflector technology, minimal battery power and solar panels to deliver bright, easy-to-read feedback to drivers. Radarsign products are scientifically proven to reduce drivers’ speeds and have been entrusted to provide safe and effective traffic calming solutions for: municipalities, treasured national parks, schools, neighborhoods, military bases, and private and public development projects across the U.S., Canada and overseas. www.radarsign.com.