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Best Practices in School Zone Traffic Calming

Creating a Safe, Effective School Zone Traffic Plan Each year, an estimated 100 children are killed in the U.S. as they go to and from school, and some 25,000 students are injured from incidents in school zones. The primary factor in these events is speeding. Unfortunately, two­-thirds of drivers exceed the legal speed limit when…

Best Practices in School Zone Traffic Calming for the 2018-2019 School Year

Each year, an estimated 100 children are killed in the U.S. as they make their way to and from school, and some 21,000 students are injured from incidents in school zones. The primary contributing factor in these events is speeding. What is your community doing to maintain a safe school zone? Radarsign, America’s School Zone…

Illinois Strikes a Balance in Traffic Calming Trends

A 12-month analysis of sales found that, in 2014, 31% of the radar speed signs sold in Illinois were purchased by municipalities and another 31% were purchased by law enforcement departments. Read more on the traffic calming trends identified in the “Land of Lincoln.”

Not in My Front Yard

Usually, speed humps slow traffic. That is their very purpose. However, the informed recognize that there are tradeoffs to using this type of vertical traffic calming device. The residents living on Ruth Avenue in Clifton, NJ are in need of an effective traffic calming plan. Drivers frequently use their neighborhood street to avoid a heavily…

Radarsign® Sales Hit New Milestone: 10 Consecutive Years of Year-Over-Year Growth

Sales metrics for 2014 confirm that record numbers of U.S. government organizations and law enforcement entities continue to select Radarsign as their provider of choice for traffic-calming radar speed signs. Radarsign—the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed signs—has seen unprecedented, year-over-year growth for a ten years now.

Radarsign Expands New Series of Best Practices for Traffic Calming Solutions to Cover Narrowing Measures

Wider residential streets are often associated with higher volumes of speeding drivers. The third installment in Radarsign’s new series of traffic calming solutions provides updates to decades-old information about curb extensions and center islands

Traffic Calming Measures can be Divisive

Where there is traffic, there will be speeding. That is incontrovertible. What is debatable is how a community should best address the speeding. One traffic-calming strategy that is becoming more commonplace is roundabouts. These one-way circular intersections direct traffic around a raised center island. Supporters advocate that roundabouts slow traffic without causing the back-ups of…

Radarsign Debuts Second Installment in Series of Updated Best Practices and Guidelines for Traffic Calming Solutions

Research for up-to-date engineered traffic calming solutions just got easier for city planners, law enforcement officers and municipal leaders who rely on industry best practices to implement a plan to slow speeding drivers. Radarsign has released its second Installment in a series of 21st Century Traffic Calming Guides.

Dinosaurs Were Unwelcome Traffic Calming Tools

Long Beach officials were forced to return to the drawing board when residents complained about the dinosaur-shaped bike racks installed on Wardlow Road in the El Dorado Park area. The fanciful bike racks were just the latest in a string of attempts, including several construction-based options, to slow speeding drivers along the 45 mph street.…

Rigid Criteria Leaves Neighborhood Vulnerable

To ensure equitable allocation of resources, municipalities have established criteria for determining where they implement traffic calming measures. To concerned citizens, some of these rules can seem arbitrary, especially when considering that it only takes one speeding motorist to maim or kill a pedestrian or cyclist. One Las Vegas neighborhood is questioning these guidelines. Speeding motorists…

Residents Resort to Homemade Signs to Slow Speeders

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. When people feel the need to protect their families and their neighborhood, they can get very creative. In Homewood, AL, residents have posted hand lettered signs reading “Slow Down; People Live Here”. The speed limit on Valley Avenue is 35 mph. However, residents say that…

Law Enforcement Looks to Radarsign to Calm Traffic and Save Lives

From Chicago to Tickfaw, La., driver feedback signs from Radarsign are solving the speeding traffic woes of both the largest and smallest communities across the nation. These devices, which are scientifically proven to slow traffic, are working alongside local law enforcement to save money, calm traffic and protect lives.