Industry Insights

Street Trees Promote Traffic Calming

Tree-lined streets provide many benefits beyond a lovely view. Their presence improves air quality, reduces noise, helps conserve energy and calms traffic. Yes, tree-lined streets can promote traffic calming. The mere presence signals to motorists that they are approaching a populated area (with potential pedestrians and bicyclists), triggering motorists to check their speed and, if […]

Uber’s New “Movement Street Speeds” Is to City Planners as Radarsign’s Streetsmart Software Is to Police Departments

Uber Movement Street Speeds (UMSS) launched this month in five cities: New York City, Seattle, Cincinnati, Nairobi and London. Leading up to this, in 2017 Uber launched with a goal to create, “a website that uses Uber’s data to help urban planners make informed decisions about our cities.” Uber launched UMSS in response to a […]

Creative Crosswalks Are Cute, but Not MUTCD Compliant

After one of their siblings had a near miss with a speeding car close to their school, Metford, Massachusetts, elementary school students, Eric and Isa, took a proposal to Medford’s mayor, Stephanie Burke. The Boston Globe reported on the students’ desire to create an optical illusion crosswalk outside their school to get drivers to slow down. […]

Slow Down, or Police in Virginia Will Call Your Mom

Haymarket Police Department has gotten quite a response to the traffic message board they put up at the end of March. On Facebook alone they have received 1,500 reactions, 142 comments and 859 shares. The sign reads, “Slow Down or We Will Call Your Mom.” I guess some drivers would rather get a ticket than […]

Passion for Safer Streets

To each his own. Some people are passionate about saving the planet, others are passionate about feeding the homeless, and some are passionate about safer streets in their communities. When people are truly passionate about something, they take action and their approach can be as unique as they are. In South Bend, Indiana, Heather Liptrap, […]

Radar Speed Signs Can Inform Drivers and Bystanders Alike

It is tough to gauge the speed of a moving vehicle while standing still. Catching it on video is helpful, but is it enough for local law enforcement or officials to take action? Yes, but there is a better way. Here’s why. Paul Nye of Baltimore County, Maryland, and his family have witnessed school buses […]

7 Speed humps = $50K. 7 radar speed signs from Radarsign = 55% less

The city has allocated $50,000 of the annual budget to traffic calming initiatives for a problematic section of Grandview Avenue. The current plan is to use these funds to install seven speed humps approximately 250 feet apart, but could this plan cost them more in the long run with maintenance and the chance of having to remove the humps?